Occupational health and safety

During 2020, we are working with health and safety at work. This assignment is in the form of project management to implement the new ISO standard 45001 within a large global enterprise. This standard means everything related to the safety and health of those who perform any kind of work for the company in question.

Through this mission, Sannguis enters the field of sustainability, which has been one of our goals; to contribute to something that is really important for the individual AND generates business as well as brand building for the enterprise.

The importance of mentoring

For most business owners, there is reason to be able to fuck things with someone who is not involved in the company itself. Finding a mentor who feels right is not always easy. Fortunately, there are companies and associations that offer mentors. ALMI is such a company. Sannguis AB is now collaborating with ALMI in Skövde and offers mentoring for entrepreneurs who need support in developing on different levels.

Content Strategy work ahead

Big or small. These days nearly all companies seem to be struggling with their web content. “How much content have we got really, where is it stored, do we need to update and reuse some of it” are questions in some of the peoples heads. While others are more concerned about if the content  is conveying the company´s brand in a consistent way and following the very expensive agency produced Tone of Voice…..
The marketeers are probably most concerned about if we are really reaching the right audience and the sales force are getting frustrated because they cannot find the product information the customer has asked for.

What an opportunity! An opportunity to set up the company´s content strategy and start working in a more uniform way going forward.
This is what Sannguis will be helping a big international company with this spring.

Autumn workshops in collaboration

This autumn has offered two new opportunities for Sannguis to host workshops with large groups of individuals. In October, the target group was in a state-owned organization where the group needed support in identifying how the changed goals of the year were to be achieved. This workshop was conducted in collaboration with the company Medvetenhet in Focus. Using simple models and lively discussions, a plan was set, reasonable to work through before the end of the year.

The second occasion was part of an event for entrepreneurs, “New Perspective of Success”, organized by Bizmaker and The Yes Way in Sundsvall. Sannguis was able to contribute with its story from start to successful business. Then lead a workshop with the purpose of identifying what assets and needs each individual had to reach their dreams and goals.

Working together to reach the goal

In order to achieve results effectively, collaboration between different teams in an organization needs to work. The mission of Sannguis this time is to develop communication and working methods within and between two teams with the aim of achieving results within a tight schedule. The tools for this are responsiveness as well as workshops and coaching.

Coordinating web content for a multinational company

In the spring, Sannguis has been assigned the task of acting as a coordinator for a multinational company’s external web. This means, among other things, supporting individuals who work with developing relevant content in line with the company’s business strategies. Discussions and decisions about information architecture, content tagging as well as language usage and branding are part of the daily work and contact areas extend to everything from the marketing departments to the global IT department headquartered in Sweden.

Development of the leadership team

Creating a stable management team is key for companies wanting to succeed, which the CEO of a hotel and restaurant icompany in Western Sweden is fully aware of. Therefore, with new recruitments to her management team, she has asked Sannguis to help establish the foundation for a strong team and success for the company in a tough industry. The work will begin in May with workshops for the management team, focusing on the business idea, values, goals and getting to know each other.

Internet presence

In collaboration with Dunderdog, a company with creative individuals delivering online marketing strategies, concepts, productions and solutions, Sannguis delivered the results of a pilot study in January. The study aimed at mapping the customer’s internet presence, the internal and external perception and the results of this.
The results in the form of the present position, sponsored by the interview quotes, and suggestions for solutions and development were presented to the “sending” parts of the organization.

Efficient cooperation

In October Sannguis had the possibility of facilitating a full-day workshop aimed at strengthening cooperation between the individuals who work with business and labor market issues in a municipality in western Sweden.

Much laughter was heard through out the day but also contained serious discussions and revealed strengths and weaknesses of the team and the individuals. When the participants headed for home in the late afternoon, they knew each other better and together had created a simple action plan for more effective cooperation forward.

Into Digital Marketing

Sannguis makes a flying start of 2016 by taking on a part in a project within Digital Marketing at a large Business to Business global company. The aim of the project is to deliver a new Internet presence for the company with focus on business opportunities.

Sannguis is taking on the role as lead of Content Adoption wich means supporting the content owners in several ways through out the “journey”.